If you want to migrate to Canada, the best way is to get a Permanent Residency Visa through Express Entry program.

The Government of Canada has launched this program from January 2015. People around the world are looking forward to take advantage of securing their spot for the most Important status for Country Canada.

The whole process revolves around 4 major areas.


Step1 Age: This is crucial as people below 40 yrs. have an opportunity to secure a future for their loved one & for themselves. Important documents required to prove age are Passport & Birth certificate.


Step2 Education: IRCC has listed 5 different assessing bodies from where you need to do your Educational credential assessment process. Important documents required are transcripts. Assessing bodies are WES, IQAS, ICAS, ICES, CES. (For the medical professional there is MCC, For Pharmacist, there is PEBC and dentist NDEB)


Step 3 Experience: The rejection rate is highest due to wrong NOC (occupation code) selection or poor Reference letters which are the most important part to prove Work experience.


Step4 Language ability: If you want to apply for Canada Express entry process, you will need IELTS General Score. Practice hard and secure the maximum score.

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