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Hong Kong quality migrant admission scheme (QMAS)

Hong Kong calls skilled foreign workers to its turf to live and work there. Allows them to migrate with their families i.e. their spouse and children below 18, and explore related employment opportunities.

The process of filing for QMAS is simple. It requires you to take any one of the two point-based tests – General Points Test or Achievement Based Points Test. These tests ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria such as the age, education, language, experience, character, and financial resources.

Once you clear the test and obtain the required score, visa application can be filed with Hong Kong Immigration Department. The application goes through the selection process conducted by the department and the results are shared on the official website and a notification is sent to you thereafter. If the application is selected, the applicant will receive an approval-in-principle, followed by the issuance of Visa/entry permit.

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Dependant Visa for Family

Applicants under this work permit scheme are eligible to bring their family members (spouse and unmarried dependent children under 18 years of age to Hong Kong) with them to Hong Kong. A dependant visa application must be filed for each family member for this purpose. The dependant’s length of stay is tied to the applicant’s length of stay in Hong Kong and dependant visa holders are free to take up employment or study in Hong Kong, as applicable. For further details on dependent visa, refer to Hong Kong Family Visa guide.

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